No Crock of Gold: No Brexit

Yesterday Jacob Rees-Mogg was reported in the FT as saying of Brexit

“We have gone from a clear end point, to an extension, to a proposed further extension with no end point. The horizon seems to be unreachable. The bottom of the rainbow seems unattainable.”

Well, surprise surprise: no crock of gold. So much for fairy tales.

As negotiations proceed in Brussels, it will become clearer that we cannot leave without an agreement (see my earlier blog) and, as ending the “extension” would harm the EU, its member states and their people, the “extension” will continue indefinitely. That would leave the UK in what Mr Rees Mogg has described as “purgatory” or as a “vassal state” bound into the EU but with no say in its policies, laws and management. Rule takers, not rule makers

Mr Rees-Mogg and his fellow Brexitiers have for years advocated Brexit and, had they been more workmanlike and given as much attention to working through the practicalities as they did to constitutional principles, they would have discovered long ago that, in the real world, there was no way-out and dropped the nonsense of suggesting to the the electorate that there was. However, being self-proclaimed men and women of principle, it is now incumbent on them to help heal the wounds by explaining that remaining in the EU in one form or another in unavoidable and not the result of ‘betrayal’ because Brexit was never on offer (save, perhaps in fairy land). And they might also explain that, as we are staying bound into the EU, we should now concentrate on preserving the very special terms of our current membership.

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