Hitting the Wall

After careering along the broad and dusty Highway 50, cutting across each other, doing rhetorical wheelies, slaloms and even the odd u-turn,  the Brexitier Bikers (Hard, Soft and Indifferent) and Remoaners Riders have now reached The Wall. There appears to be no exit, let alone Brexit, and they now find themselves frantically riding around and up and down in front of it hooting, revving their engines and hallooing. There are rumours of an escape tunnel called The Chequers. However, those sitting atop wall, the Barnier Gang, who know about these things, simply watch in silence and in the knowledge that if anyone tries to creep through the tunnel it will collapse. That said, further back from the wall and hidden in the dust storm stirred up by the bikes,  Boris, a.k.a. The Wild One, is eyeing the landscape looking for a ramp that would enable him to fly his bike over The Wall. However, little does he know, but the Barnier Gang have also seen the Great Escape and have set up barbed wire tangles into which anyone jumping The Wall will become inextricably entangled.

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