Comfort Ye My People

As this blog has argued, there will be an agreement, interim or final with the EU on so-called Brexit. However, in either event, we will remain enmeshed in the EU jurisdiction. Hence, the ingenuity needed to achieve and live with the compromises involved may well offer the opportunity and momentum for broader reform of the EU itself given

  • the popular rejection across much of the Union of the folie de grandeur that led to Schengen, the Euro and current calls for a fully federalised EU and
  • the example set by the UK and Brussels in doing the deal.

So here is a comforting thought. The Brexit brouhaha may lead the EU to revert to muddling through on the basis of compromise and opportunity and the dumping of both the over-weaning ambitions of the arrogant Europhiles and, indeed, the vision of a mythical future-perfect world offered by the swivel-eyed Eurosceptics.

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