We May Owe It All To The Walking Dead

As readers know, I am convinced that either the Article 50 withdrawal from the EU will be postponed or the UK will end up in an indefinite transitional arrangement that the EU will be unable to help us escape as doing so would harm their own citizens and for no reason other than that we, the Brits, want it. That said, thinking further down the road, if the EU continues to find itself increasingly unbalanced and fragmenting, having one of its largest economies semi-detached  and stumbling about like the living dead may tip the scales towards more fundamental reform of the EU which takes due note of the hostility towards the Euro-dream of ‘ever deeper union’. And we may look back in a decade or so and see the Brexit Project as one of the drivers that dragged the dreamers, Brexiteers and  Euro-Federalists alike, back to reality. At least, that is what Dr Pangloss seems to think.

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