The Impossible Dream

As this blog has explained, because of the chaos that would flow from crashing out of the EU without an agreement and the impossibility of the EU indulging in self-harm by reaching such an agreement, it is simply not feasible for the UK to escape the jurisdiction of the EU. Hence, the UK will either remain a member by cancelling or suspending indefinitely the Article 50 process or become a vassal state under an indefinite transitional arrangement. That harsh reality, means that holding another referendum would be a huge gamble given that, if it did not result in a vote to remain and the cancellation of Brexit, we would return to the current situation where theUK cannot leave in anything but name.

Recovering public confidence having hoodwinked the electorate once into believing “the impossible dream”, namely that the UK could achieve a “meaningful Brexit”, will be hard enough. Explaining that they were played for fools twice because politicians wished to hide the fact that they duped the public first time round would be infinitely harder, perhaps impossible, and the result of rank cowardice by those whose arrogance and ignorance brought us to this sorry state.

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