A Cunning Plan?

The Brexitiers first told us they were not willing to divulge their Brexit plan because it would weaken the hand of those who sought to negotiate it. Now we are told they do not have a plan but that it is for the government to listen to them and come up with a plan of which they approve. Perhaps the most pathetic comment came from that most pathetic of Brexitiers, poor little Ian Duncan Smith, who said that it was not for a “a bunch MPs”to come up with a plan. So now we know that during many decades of demanding Brexit he and his chums never once sat down and asked themselves how and whether it might be achieved. Stupid, irresponsible or likely both? Given the near universal rejection of the Chequers Plan and the inability of the Brexitiers to come up with a plan, it is, as this blog has argued, ever clearer that there is no feasible plan that will allow the EU and the UK to escape each other. But that does not mean there is not a cunning plan afoot. It is just the plan is concerned with getting Boris Johnson, into No. 10. Now that should worry us.

As Duncan Smith is a cautionary lesson about the limitations of military training in improving on poor material,  Mr Johnson is a great advertisement for private education. A clearly second rate mind, yet he is seen as a possible future PM. This appears to have been achieved by his mummy and daddy spending huge sums of money on an education which has filled his infantile mind with the quotes of illustrious people and trained it up to regurgitate them when triggered. Sadly, like all such automated mechanisms, it often goes off at awkward moments and the hapless Boris ends up mindlessly uttering inappropriate nonsense.

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