The Final Act: Scene I

This blog, since its inception, has argued that there is no escape from the imperial power of the EU. That the hard realities mean that ultimately the only choice will be staying within the Empire’s jurisdiction either as a vassal state that is bound by its rules and decisions, including continuing to pay its contribution to the budget, or as a member of the  Empire having suspended the Article 50 process. Once faced with those choices, it might be difficult to see why any faction in the UK, Brexiteer or Remainer, would argue for vassalage.

We have already sat through the comical if often tragic scenes of both Act I of this unfolding drama, The Life and Death of Lancaster, and Act II, The Life and Death of Chequers. Now we enter the third and final Act , though whether it will play out as The Road to Serfdom  or the The Resurrection of the Saints is yet to be determined.  We have already watched Scene I in which Theresa, having abandoned Chequers, has raised the spectre of staying attached indefinitely to the Empire, albeit as a serf state having surrendered membership of the imperial government and, along with it, the last vestiges of the very sovereignty that Brexit was meant to “take back”.  Scene II, and may be III and even IV, will determine whether Parliament is persuaded down that Road to Serfdom or decides to suspend the Article 50 process and resurrect indefinitely the UK’s exalted position in the hierarchy of the saints who rule the Empire.

The author would like to think that the rational choice is a “no brainer” around which everyone can unite. However, when you are dealing with people who have deluded themselves for decades into believing that there was a ‘Life after Brexit’, rationality and brains may not come into it and we can expect them and those they have misled to “cry havoc” and betrayal. How we might deal with those accusations is the next real and pressing challenge.

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