The Circus That Saved the Country

As this blog has argued from the outset, there is no escaping the EU’s jurisdiction and the best way for the UK to surrender to the inevitable would be for the rebels on both sides, the Brexiteers and the Remainers, to come together and call off an adventure which can only end in the UK entering an indefinite limbo as a vassal state of the EU. What this blog had not foreseen is that it would be a family circus troupe who would pull it off. But now we face Bo Jo, the Clown, and his brother Jo Jo, the trapeeze artist, along with their Ring Master, Daddy Jo, condemning the only Brexit on offer and soon to be arguing for the whole thing to be called off, albeit by putting the question to the nation as to whether they want to stay bound into the EU as a vassal state or as a paid up and voting member.  That a family troupe should save the nation is appropriate given the circus into which Brexit descended the moment it was adopted.

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