Cometh the Day

May’s deal is voted down on 11 January. Parliament blocks a No Deal Brexit. May finally self-defenestrates. What next?  Whatever next, the Article 50 process will have to be interrupted. However, the EU will only agree to suspend the Article 50 process in order to allow time either for a second referendum or for a renegotiation with the Red Lines virtually rubbed out. Both are anathema to the Brexitiers. So, what is a Brexitier to do? Simple really. With May finally gone, bid for the leadership of the Tory party on the basis that withdrawing the Article 50 letter and ending the current bid is the only means available to Brexitiers to thwart the ‘betrayal of democracy’ that a second referendum or slipping into vassalage under something like the Norway Deal would represent.


Of course, the bid will be made on the basis that the Article 50 withdrawal, in addition to thwarting the closet Remainers on the Tory benches, is also an opportunity for the government, under a new Brexitier Prime Minister, to start again and achieve a full-blooded Brexit next-time-round and once a ‘proper plan’ has been worked out. However, in the event, what Remainer would not vote for a candidate promising to call off Brexit, albeit as a supposedly temporary measure, rather than face the uncertainties of a second referendum or extended negotiations to leave the EU? And, apart from the odd mad martyr, what Brexitier would not prefer to live to fight another day, especially if headquartered in No 10. And, with the majority of opposition party members favouring Remain, there would be little difficulty in gaining Parliamentary support were it needed.


Cometh that day, cometh the man, and sad to say, all the potential candidates appear to be men. But the question remains “Which man?”. One small mercy is that none of the supposed Brexitiers who are currently hanging on to the trappings of power and trying to sell the May deal would be credible. So, will it be Mr Raab or Mr Davis or will Boris make a last bid to inflict further humiliation on the nation by entering No. 10?


One thought on “Cometh the Day

  1. I wish I could believe you .. but time will certainly tell

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