Ever Closer to the Union

On Politics Live ths morning, Owen Paterson, the arch Brexitier and leading light in the ERG, was asked whether he preferred May’s deal and a short delay of Brexit or a long delay. His response was

“”Oh, the deal is not leaving…Better running with it where we do remain member(s), we can still exercise our right with the 28 making law and we still have the right under Article 50 to trigger that and to leave…if we have this hideous proposal of either of them, that is probably the least awful…”

At last we have it. As this blog has repeatedly explained, for Brexitiers, with a hard/no deal Brexit off the table,their only option will be to revoke Article50 and remain in the EU. Hence, this blog repeats its advice to Mr Raab to go for it (see Run Rabbit). With the backing both of the Brexitiers who share Paterson’s view that Remaining is better than a soft Brexit and of those who wish simply to remain, how could he fail to win a leadership election.

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