Exit Brexit: The Sovereign Cure

This blog’s assertion from the outset that the UK and EU could not escape each other was an assertion of a blindingly obvious fact. That fact is that the UK cannot leave without a ‘cherry picking’ deal and the EU cannot agree to a ‘cherry picking’ deal. It was and is not a question of bad faith or bullying by either side.  Rather it is because neither side can justify inflicting damage on their own citizens simply in order to limit damage to the other’s citizens. That those seeking to exit the EU ignored that plain fact can be put  down to negligence as Dominc Grieve indicated in the House last week when saying that they should all have thought through the implications before calling the referendum. That, or stupidity. Whichever, promising an exit that could not be delivered is ending up where it inevitably must, namely in the UK and EU being tied together whether as fellow members of the EU or with the UK as a vassal to the EU. The latter would be the biggest surrender of sovereignty since the Battle of Hastings with huge swathes of our laws and our future being decided in the Chancelleries of Europe and the European Court and without our participation.

Having set in train what was at best a mindless misadventure, the very least the Brexitiers could now do is call for revocation of the Article 50 notice and an end to the Brexit process before, rather than “taking back control”, the UK hands itself over as a hostage to what will have become a foreign power.

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