Dogs in Mangers

The Brexitiers want to seize back national sovereignty. The Remainers want to hold on to the UK’s place and infuence in the EU. A soft Brexit will frustrate both. The UK will be subject to the law and insitutions of the EU but without having any right to participate in deciding what those laws are or how those insitutions act and develop. It follows that, faced with a soft Brexit, the Brexitiers, who value sovereignty, and the Remainers, who wish to preserve our influence, should join together in seeking revocation of the Article 50 notice. The alternative is that they tacitly approve an arrangement that neither they nor anyone else wants and which the Brexitiers have characterised as rendering the UK a “rule taker” and a “vassal state”.

One thought on “Dogs in Mangers

  1. But by finally voting for May’s deal, arch-Brexitiers like Rees-Mogg, Johnson and Raab have amply demonstrated that if they have any convictions, they certainly don’t have the courage of them.


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