No Change: No Escape

This blog has been silent for some time. Why? Because there is nothing new or more to say.

The reality is that there is no way out. To avoid chaos and breakdown, we need an agreement with the EU about our future relationships. The EU will not agree to harm itself. Agreeing to the UK leaving its jurisdiction would harm the EU. Ergo, the EU will not agree to anything that leads to our quitting. So the real question is not “Shall we leave?” but rather “Shall we stay as an EU member with power to alter the future of the EU  or shall we simply be its hostage and watch helpless as it careers onwards to who knows where?

Those were the closing sentences of the first posting on this blog site in April 2018 and nothing has changed. For all the noise and fury of the politicians; for all the speculation of the commentators and for all the determination of both to ignore the hard fact that there is no escape, the only question remains, as it always has been, shall the UK stay tied into the EU as a member state or as a client state.

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