Endless Fun

It is enough to persuade one to support Raab. Imagine the fun we might have. Prime Minister Raab advises the Sovereign to prorogue Parliament to enable the Crown to wrought a fundamental change in the constitution against the will of the legislature, namely to take the UK out of the EU. Speaker Bercow makes clear that he intends that the House of Commons should continue to sit and have the opportunity to legislate to prevent that constitutional change.

Short of force, the House could not be prevented from meeting and passing legislation. But then the Sovereign might be advised by her Prime Minister not to give assent to the bill. What is a Queen to do?

Perhaps at some stage the Queen would dismiss Prime Minister Raab on the grounds that he self-evidently cannot secure the support of the House. Or perhaps action is taken in the courts to determine whether Parliament may be prorogued against its will or whether the Queen may refuse consent to a bill approved by Parliament. And might perhaps the House of Lords feel reinvigorated and try to intervene at some stage in this drama. The possibilities for constitutional chaos, innovation and contortion are as endless as they are entertaining with every organ of the state liable to be sucked into the vortex.

In these turbulent times, even republicans must pray for the health of Her Majesty if only to avoid what would be the cherry on the cake in such a constitutional bust-up. I mean, of course, having on the throne the namesake of the earlier sovereign who tried to rule without Parliament and who lost not only his crown but also a head on which to wear it.


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