The No No Deal

The tone of Theresa May’s comments in recent days suggest that she will actively oppose a No Deal when she returns to the backbenches. Indeed, how could she do otherwise having been forced out of office precisely because she would not contemplate pressing what she regarded as the self destruct button. On the Tory backbenches with ex-Ministers like Phillip Hammond, David Gawke and Rory Stewart along with other Tories who in and out of the Cabinet have warned against a No Deal, and even including perhaps a disappointed and vengeful Gove, they might become a Government in Exile which is ready and able to deny a Brexiteer PM his No Deal in much the same way as he and the Brexitiers denied them the May Deal. Such sweet revenge and elegant symmetry emerging from the Brexit mire would be a delight to observe.


One thought on “The No No Deal

  1. Probably the only person I know more cynical than me. Keep it up! X V

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