Making Britain Great Again: It Doesn’t Bear Thinking About


This blog remains convinced that, in the current circumstances, the UK will remain bound into the EU either as a member or a client state with Parliament, if necessary, blocking a No Deal Brexit and so perhaps Brexit itself. A ‘Good Thing’, Remainers might think? Perhaps or, as current circumstances give way to changed circumstances, perhaps not.

Faced with an obstructive Parliament, might PM Bojo throw in his lot with the Brexit Party and the ERG with its dreams of becoming a low tax, deregulated playground for the global super-rich? Might he and his invigorated gang then engineer things so that, come the next General Election, a reborn Tory Party, unhindered by a dislocated and leaderless political opposition and helped by a process of entryism and deselection, is borne back to power on an ecstatic wave of nationalist resentment buoyed up by promises to tear up the UK’s existing relationships with its closest friends and allies; to take back control of its borders, money and laws and to make Britain great again by becoming “the Singapore of Europe”. A nightmare? Beyond possibility? No more likely, would you say, than the White House and the Presidency of the USA being taken over by a loud-mouthed mendacious buffoon promising not just to cut taxes; to tear up the USA’s relationships with its closest allies and friends and to unchain the rich from legal restraints, but also to build a wall to keep out immigrants and, thus,  to “Make America Great Again”. It could never have happened either… could it?

There could be worse things awaiting Remainers than the UK leaving the EU. What if obstructing Brexit has focused and consolidated all the anger, complaints and resentment of both those who feel unprotected from globalisation and the austerity inflicted on them by the excesses of the rich and of the ‘golf club nationalists’ who have never come to terms with a post-War world in which Britain has ceased to be Great? What if that irrational ‘ecstasy of resentment’ in the electorate has opened the door to those who insist that how free a society or a market is must be judged, not by the rights guaranteed to all, but by how closely that market or society has come to being a jungle in which the rich and their families, friends and henchmen enjoy near unregulated power to benefit themselves and in so doing to oppress and impoverish everyone else? What if it doesn’t bear thinking about?

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