Once Upon a Time in Brexitland


The reported interchanges between Bojo and Merk’ and Mac’ remind me that, early on in the Deal, No Deal debate, Martin Wolf of the FT raised the possibility, if not the probability, of a “swerve” to avoid the disaster of a head-on No Deal collision if neither side changed course. If there is to be such a “swerve”, it seems likely to come in the next 30 days.


Might Bojo next:

  • make a Deal that takes the UK out of the EU but into a ‘no-change’ transitional arrangement,
  • simultaneously both dumping the No-Deal ERG members over the side and depriving them of their only life raft
  • while bringing other Brexiteers and the Remoaners in the Tory Party back on board for fear of a Corbyn government and
  • leaving the Remainers, the People’s Vote rabble and the Labour Party shambles floundering in his wake as he ploughs, full speed ahead, towards a victory in a General Election?


Anything is possible in the story of Bojo in Brexitland.

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