Having and Eating the Cake


In the last blog, it was suggested that Bojo might:

  • make a Deal that takes the UK out of the EU but into a ‘no-change’ transitional arrangement,
  • simultaneously both dumping the No-Deal ERG members over the side and depriving them of their only life raft
  • while bringing other Brexiteers and the Remoaners in the Tory Party back on board for fear of a Corbyn government and
  • leaving the Remainers, the People’s Vote rabble and the Labour Party shambles floundering in his wake as he ploughs, full speed ahead, towards a victory in a General Election?”

The question is, does the announcement of a Prorogation of Parliament in September and a Queen’s Speech in October ahead of Brexit Day on 31st October undermine that scenario? Of course not. Rather the contrary.Why? Because:

  • the announced Prorogation still leaves Parliament with a chance to have a say and cannot therefore be attacked as cutting MPs out of the process;
  • however, the reduction in the days available for them to obstruct a No Deal will add to the pressure on the EU to come up with or agree a modified Deal and
  • meanwhile,  the lack time, when added to the shambolic attempts by the Remainers and Soft Brexiteers to come up with an agreed and workable means of preventing the UK crashing out, may help create a crisis on the brink of Brexit Day where the only choice available to MPs is a No Deal or a May2 Deal.

Would that be a brilliant strategy? Yup. Might it be possible? Yup. Would it provoke an uncomfortable and sneaking admiration for Bojo even amongst those who deride him and who want to Remain in the EU? Perhaps. Could it allow Prime Minister Johnson to go on and win a General Election? Why not? After all he is not Jemy Corbyn. And better still, having ‘delivered’ on the Referendum,  he might argue he is best placed to agree the terms of the UK’s future relationship with the EU ? Oh dear…might Bojo both have his cake and eat it? He might. But then, as a sage old Southern Senator once said of Bill Clinton’s election victory, ” You don’t have to think a man is honest or principled to think he would make a good President”.


2 thoughts on “Having and Eating the Cake

  1. I can’t see this myself. Plus Cummings does seem to want No Deal

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  2. The likely consequences of No Deal would intimidate anyone but a fool and the chances of anyone who caused it staying in government would be slim. Cummins is not a fool and he wants Boris in No 10 long term do he can reshape Britain and its relations with other countries. Brexit with a Deal is his best chance of achieving that goal.


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