How Can It Be?

Might someone who thought that the referendum was a bad mistake and that its outcome was dismal, nonetheless now be supporting Boris Johnson? Could such a person believe that, as matters stand, all other options look riskier both for the short and long term? They might.


Such a person would point out that the continuing failure to Leave the EU has now become toxic. That it has dragged both the sovereign and the judges into the mud-fight between the Government and Parliament and that between Remainers and Brexiteers . It has caused such division between a predominantly liberal Remainer Establishment and “the People” (led by renegade toffs) that further delay or attempts to reverse Brexit would require us to accept the real possibility not just of civil disorder but of street violence and even perhaps assassinations.


Such a person would point out that not only would pursuing a referendum result in delay and the risks outlined above but, if it did not include a No Deal/Clean Break option, it would heighten tensions and anger by being accurately described as “a cheat”. After all, from the outset, “the People” have been told that “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal”.


As to reversing the vote and Remaining, whether after a referendum or a general election, such a person would point out that it would be characterised accurately as a “betrayal”. After all, “the People” were promised at the outset that the decision was theirs’s and would be ‘honoured’.


On a more positive note, such a person would point out that a ‘bare-bones’ Brexit Deal would not only meet the promise made to “the People” and reduce the risks and seriousness of any disorder and violence but would preserve the status quo and leave everything to play for in the future. As such a person might recall from reading this blog, being ‘out’ but half way back ‘in’ may be very much the same as now in being ‘in’ but halfway ‘out’.


Such a person would, however, have to accept not only his or her personal distaste in supporting such a ‘chancer’ as Boris Johnson, but also the risk of a No Deal UK crashing out of the EU and its consequences. But then such a person might swallow his pride and argue that the risk is slight. Why, he might ask, would the EU insist on bringing about economic chaos and breakdown in Ireland on 31 October when by ‘swerving’ on the Backstop it too could preserve the status quo and leave the issue to be muddled through in the post Brexit negotiations? That said, such a person would need to be reminded that the EU ‘have form’ in such matters having thrown the Greeks ‘under the ‘bus’ to preserve the integrity of the Euro and might do the same to Irish to preserve the integrity of the Single Market. But such a person would hope not.


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