Who Knows

Deal or a People’s Referendum? It defies rationality.

The Johnson Brexit Deal could, in due course, lead to anything from a No-Deal crash out on WTO rules, through ‘a Canada plus’ (add as many more pluses as give you comfort) or ‘a Norwegian’, to staying indefinitely in the transitional arrangement or even to rentering the EU.

A referendum might be a choice between the Johnson Deal and Remain or between those options plus a No Deal crash out. But why not the options of ‘a Norwegian’ or ‘a Canadian’? Unless all the options are on the ballot with Remain, it would be seen as a fix, which it would be. But if all were included, the process would be unmanageable and the outcome likely capricious.

Whichever choice is made, we will never know whether it was the best, the worst or something in between. What we can be sure of is that any choice will have results we like and those we do not like and many of both which are unforeseeable.

So we are stuck with our gut reactions and prejudices which is, of course, why the issue should never have been ‘put to the people’.


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