It Takes Some Sucking UP

Poor Saj. Despite being the son of a bus driver and educated at ‘a bog standard’ state school’ and a ‘non-Oxbridge’ university, he nonetheless did what he could to keep in with the ‘posh boys’ with their posh parents and their public school\Oxford educations. He sucked up the humiliation when ‘posh boy’ Dominic sacked his adviser without consulting him. He sucked up to the ‘posh boys’ in No.10 (Boris and Dominic) by attempting to stand on his political head and be more Brexity than they. But in the end, he could not sustain the essential ‘posh boy’ capacity for recognising and accepting his real position in the hierarchy and enthusiastically setting about licking the backsides above him and kicking the heads below. But fear not, we now have Rishi. Posh parents and public school/ Oxford educated, he can be relied on to exhibit that combination of sycophancy and arrogance that make for success in the ‘posh boy’ regime now running the country.

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