A Not So Nice Calculation

We have watched as Trump has sought to corrupt the Justice Department, the FBI, the Postal Service and rafts of other parts of the Federal Governent. Now he has the Supreme Court in his sights.

When it comes to filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court there are two arguably and constitutionally ‘respectable’ factions in the Republican Party. One is looking to the long term and wants to take the immediate sure-fire opportunity to increase  and protect the conservative majority on the Court into the future. The other  is looking to the short term and wishes to incentivise moderate in their party to vote Republican by making the appointment of Trump’s candidate dependent on his winning the election. However, Trump’s siding with the ‘get it done now’ faction is unarguably disreputable being driven by his strategy of focusing on invalidating rather than winning the vote. His reinforcing the Court with yet another conservative now clearly aims to increase the likelihood of the Court helping him in that malign strategy and is yet another example of his antagonistic disregard for constitutional government. We can only hope that his plan to drag the Court into his squalid plot is avoided entirely or that the Court, if the time comes, proves that it cannot be used as a cat’s paw by a President intent on corrupting the very Constitution which the he and the Court are charged with protecting.

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