Stop Boris: Stop The Clock

The Prime Minister has lost the confidence of many of his MPs, much of the Tory press and the electorate and is a painful disappointment to his party members. On top of mismanaging the worsening economic and social chaos of the pandemic, the PM still pretends to be willing to increase that chaos by completing Brexit on 31 December, Deal or No Deal. Meanwhile, the EU wishes to avoid a No Deal as perhaps does an increasing section of the Brexit-minded British Cabinet led by Gove who sees ever more clearly the disaster it would call down on the UK. In addition, both the EU and the UK wish to avoid being blamed for a No Deal and the extra harm it would inflict. In these circumstances, the EU might feel minded to resort to its well-practiced tactic and ‘stop the clock’ on Brexit leaving the PM the choice of voluntarily jumping off the cliff or of accepting the stopped clock until the pandemic is under control. If he chose to jump, it might well precipitate his ousting from No 10 by Gove and his allies in the Cabinet supported by much of the Parliamentary Party many of whom are already in rebellion and who might relish the chance to retaliate for their many humiliations by sending Boris and his coven of No 10 weirdos into the wilderness. And then…

Unlikely? Yes. But some of us may still dream.

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