Where History Leads, Disaster Follows.

Boris Johnson and many of the Brexiters became fond of drawing facile historical parallels when arguing in favour of the UK leaving the EU, be it the Battle of Britain to defend UK sovereignty or the Dunkirk Spirit in facing down a Europe dominated by Germany, or the Blitz in facing up to the hardships that might be involved. However, those appeals from the Johnson junta to WWII parallels have diminished overtime. Why? Well, think about it.

As regards Brexit, Boris’s ‘Munich’ came when he abandoned Northern Ireland to the EU in the Withdrawal Agreement, much as Chamberlain abandoned Czechoslovakia in 1938. Then came Covid19 and the need to get on a war footing to get ahead of and defeat the virus. However, again like Chamberlain when it came to “peace in our time”,  Boris resorted to appeasement and over-promising until finally overwhelmed by events, with the virus calling the shots and Boris and his limping chumocracy incapable of catching up. 

If you enjoy facile historical parallels, what comes next is the ousting of the Appeasers in 1940 by a leadership that has the necessary authority and the confidence of the people to demand that they suffer “blood, toil, sweat and tears” in defeating the virus. But who? Is there a real Churchill to replace the deflated Churchill-doll who currently flops about in No.10? You may doubt it. In which event, you can only pray for salvation through the intervention of a Brexit Deal and a vaccine that minimises the damage, much like the intervention of the USA and USSR stemmed the Axis tide and the A-bomb ended the War, perhaps? Whatever, like the peace of 1945, the parallel suggests the UK will emerge from Brexit and the pandemic bankrupt and greatly diminished on the international stage having sacrificed its economy to surviving the virus and Brexit while simultaneously surrendering its leading place in the Empire that is the EU. 

All facile fantastical nonsense, but fun if you enjoy disaster movies

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