John Chapter 15: inverse 13

Boris Johnson is amongst “world beating” politicians in his willingness to sacrifice principles and people to gain and hold on to power. We saw it when Northern Ireland was abandoned in No Man’s Land as the ‘Get Brexit Done’ offensive faultered earlier in the year. As this blog argued in the past, the next likely betrayal will be of the hardline Brexiters if they stand in the way of the Surrender Deal with the EU which Boris now needs to forestall a disastrous winter retreat from the Single Market. Did yesterday mark the beginning of that second stage with one of the leading Vote Leave cabal in No.10, Lee Cain, being forced out amidst rumours that other members of the cabal, including Cummings and Frost, were ‘considering their positions’?

One thought on “John Chapter 15: inverse 13

  1. Or was that another “dead cat bounce” to distract from rising death tolls?

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