Two Down, One To Go

On Wednesday, this blog argued that the exit of Lee Cain might be the prelude to Johnson signing up to a Surrender Deal with the EU, (be it by accepting the EU’s terms behind a mendacious smoke screen of ‘success’ or by some subterfuge which in substance postpones Brexit). It also questioned how long it might be before other hard line Brexiters, especially Cummings and Frost, left the No.10 team. Now Cummings has gone. That leaves Frost out on a limb. Unsupported in No.10 by Cummings and Cain, he may find himself instructed to do ‘a deal at any price’. Given his public commitment to ‘sovereignty’ there must be a question about his willingness to execute such an instruction if and when it comes. If Frost goes, the PM may have little alternative but to appoint a ‘neutral’ senior civil servant to take the lead in completing the arrangements given that the political toxicity of the task would make the job both unsuitable for and deeply unattractive to a ‘political’ appointee.

One thought on “Two Down, One To Go

  1. You say “If Frost goes, the PM may have little alternative”, but presumably that’s what he wants, If not, why force Cummings and Cain out now?

    Have shared and tweeted you. What are you put to today?

    K xxxx


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