The Wriggle Room

To quote Boris Johnson’s reply to an arranged question in today’s PMQs

“Our friends in the EU are currently insisting that if they pass a new law with which we in this country do not comply or don’t follow suit, then they want the automatic right to punish us and retaliate”

So, if it is not automatic it would be acceptable. Enter an arbitration mechansim and all is resolved?

Boris Johnson went on to say

“And secondly they’re saying the UK should be the only country in the world not to have control over its fishing waters.”

Aside from the fact that the EU are not saying that, after 31 December, giving EU fisherman access to their waters would be the act of a sovereign UK government and as such demonstrate that they do have control over their own fishing waters, albeit they may choose to exercise it by allowing the EU boats access. So, no problem there either?

The fact is that surrendering is as much an act of a sovereign government as not surrendering. It follows that agreeing to the EU’s terms is not a surrender of sovereignty by the UK government but an exercise of it. How much more wriggle room does the UK PM need?

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