Calm Down, Dears

No one can doubt that Trump was intent on putting pressure on the Congress and particularly Pence to reject the outcome of the election. Few can any longer believe that Trump would not, if he could, subvert the Constitution by any means to stay in power and that he sees stirring up his base against his opponents as an essential bully-boy tactic. Many may, with good reason, want to see Trump impeached and prosecuted. However, the question remains about whether the invasion of the Capitol in DC was part of a plot to subvert and impose an unelected President upon the people of the USA? 

Perhaps evidence will emerge of such a conspiracy amongst the protesters to carry off a coup. However, for the moment there appears to be scant evidence to support that accusation. Alternatively, the demonstration on The Hill might be seen as no more than citizens exercising their democratic right to protest publicly in the hope of persuading politicians to their view, but which got out of hand because of incompetent crowd control. Indeed, had there been adequate crowd control arguably there would have been no story beyond recounting yet another if egregious example of Trump’s subversive behaviour in repeating lies about the electoral process, supporting protest and addressing the crowd. Who knows? But alas the news media has not waited on the facts emerging. 

Whether it was CNN or Newsnight, the demonstrators were branded as “insurrectionists”. Words like coup, sedition, terrorism and treason were bandied about as if statements of fact about the invasion of the Capitol. One commentator claimed that “democracy hung by a thread.” Given that the news channels were including deaths by natural causes to bolster the ‘death toll’, that figure might be expected to rise due to “medical incidents” precipitated by the near hysteria which overwhelmed newsrooms.

Thus the question remains, were those demonstrators intent on a coup? We must wait to see. Meanwhile, despite many sharing Hilary’s view that the demonstrators are amongst “the deplorables”, it is in no one’s interests, other than Trump’s and those who despises democracy, for the news media to brand demonstrators as “insurrectionists” without the evidence to prove it.

As Michael Winner might have said to those goggled-eyed news presenters, reporters and commentators, “Calm down, dears”. What needs to be concentrated on is replacing Trump with Biden and holding Trump, his family and his coterie of cronies to account for their abuses of power.

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