The Harder the Deadline the Softer the Brexit?

Everyone, other than the UK government, insists that negotiating and implementing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the UK and the EU by January 2021 is improbable, many would argue impossible. Yet the Withdrawal Bill that the government has brought before Parliament prohibits the UK seeking an extension to the  ‘standstill’ Transitional Arrangements beyond that … Continue reading The Harder the Deadline the Softer the Brexit?

Vote Tory! Vote Surrender?

Concluding ‘trade agreements’ usually involve improving the terms of trade between countries by amicable negotiations in which both parties seek to open up trade under mutually beneficial arrangements. Restricting rights to trade is usually the hostile business of unilaterally imposing trade restrictions, called ‘sanctions’, that harm the other party. Unilaterally abolishing mutually agreed trade relations … Continue reading Vote Tory! Vote Surrender?

Who Knows

Deal or a People's Referendum? It defies rationality. The Johnson Brexit Deal could, in due course, lead to anything from a No-Deal crash out on WTO rules, through 'a Canada plus' (add as many more pluses as give you comfort) or 'a Norwegian', to staying indefinitely in the transitional arrangement or even to rentering the … Continue reading Who Knows