On Monday, the fleet footed El Dom survived the corrida in the Rose Garden to fight and, like many matadors, perhaps to die another day. This afternoon, there will be a new beast in the arena. We can expect a classic display of ground pawing, snorting, feints and head tossing from Boris the Bull as … Continue reading Bull


Played brilliantly. Had Cummings been a matador he would have been awarded both ears and the tail of the slaughtered press. Like bulls in the arena, the journalists and commentators (including the author) were provoked by the matador and his cuadrilla into repeatedly attacking a proffered red rag of bluster.  Not until the finest of … Continue reading Ole!

When It’s Over

It is possible that the economic and social chaos inflicted by the corona virus pandemic will overwhelm us and that questions about the ‘big issues of yesterday’ will then appear wholly irrelevant or painfully trivial. But all that aside, we face three Brexit scenarios.   The first is a fully-fledged UK/EU trade deal, agreed and … Continue reading When It’s Over

Fire and Fury and Signifying… Surrender?

Many have complained and contrasted Boris Johnson’s blustering speech yesterday with the EU Negotiating Guidelines published on the same day. The PM’s utterance was long on the usual rhetoric about  sovereignty, delivering what ‘the people’ voted for and a buccaneering Britain and characteristically short of any detail: the EU Guidelines are 33 pages long on … Continue reading Fire and Fury and Signifying… Surrender?